Supporters of Four Wheel Drive Association QLD and our events, such as K'Gari Fraser Island Clean Up and the Corroboree.

Toyo Tires Proud Supporters of 4wd Qld

Why Toyo?

Toyo Tires enables you to move better; our Japanese roots gives you the latest in mobility both on and off the road. But that’s just the beginning. What Toyo really does is empower you to move confidently to new and bigger things, to make a change for the better. Just ask those who have. You see, tyres are not just a part of your vehicle. We believe that what you put on the outside of your car, matters to those on the inside. This is why we make tyres for drivers, not cars.

So, what are you waiting for? Make your move and take control with Toyo.

CAOS Proud Supporters of 4wd Qld

CAOS is a 4X4 and camping store, started by mates Greg, Peter and Wes in 2020 just before COVID (great timing guys!). CAOS was started with a single goal - to provide solid reliable gear at pocket-friendly prices.

CAOS are proud members of the community wanting to give back and are always on the lookout to help out as best they can. The guys at CAOS are all 4X4 owners and get out and about at every chance to see our incredible country. There is nothing quite like watching a sunrise over the ocean at Fraser Island K'Gari or in the Simpson Desert.

CAOS focus on giving our CREW and other customers 110% friendly service at every turn. CAOS invite you to join them on their journey, or to visit online or instore. CAOS have a huge and growing range of gear to put a smile on your face.




Icom Australia 4wd Qld Associations communications partner

Icom has a strong reputation for providing communications products of unsurpassed quality and reliability, as all Icom radios are manufactured exclusively in Japan, adhering to ISO9001/ISO9002 and ISO14001 quality procedures. The broad range of products manufactured by Icom includes: commercial land-mobile (digital and analogue), marine (communication and navigation), air-band, UHF CB, as well as amateur and receiver units.

With extensive research and development facilities, Icom has also positioned itself as a highly innovative company, with products such as the world’s first floating marine hand-held, digital technology in land-mobile and amateur radio, not to mention intuitive speaker-mic UHF CB units designed to fit within the confines of today’s 4WD vehicles, where space is constricted.

All new radios purchased from an authorised Icom (Australia) dealer are covered by a minimum two (2) year warranty, with selected units covered by either a three (3) or five (5) year warranty.

The Mardent Group

The Mardent Group will take care of all your finance needs. The Mardent Group has the largest range of lenders in the country including banks and finance companies that suit off-road and on-road vehicles. The Mardent Group can also finance modifications and accessories and will work with dealers and after-market providers to make it a smooth process for you.

ARMA Fleet Discount Program

Australian Recreational Motorists Association (ARMA) values its thousands of members across Australia, and have partnered with numerous vehicle manufacturers, in order to provide members access to their National Fleet Discount program.

The National Fleet Discount which have been negotiated for ARMA members, is an additional discount provided by the manufacturer / importer and comes out of the profit margin of the manufacturer, not solely from the dealership.

Go to the ARMA Member National Fleet Discount Program for more details.