4WD Training

4WD Training

Four Wheel Drive Queensland’s Training Unit is an important part of our organisation. We value the safety of our members along with the environment, therefore driver education is a pillar of our core purpose.

Four Wheel Drive Queensland is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the driver training and chainsaw courses undertaken are fully accredited. Only qualified and trained staff are involved in the delivery of such courses.


Units of competency under Scope


Four Wheel Drive Queensland Training (4WDQld Training) engages qualified club members who provide driver and chainsaw safety education to members. Through these training courses members can expect to gain more confidence, improve skill levels and competently handle their 4WDs in various terrain conditions. Or to operate and maintain chainsaws safely and effectively.

Members who have current qualifications in Workplace Training & Assessment are encouraged to take an active role in the education process of our members in this important area.

Clubs who have members who are suitability qualified are requested to contact 4WD Qld’s Training Coordinator at training@4wdqld.com.au to discuss the options in delivering this training to their members. As Four Wheel Drive Queensland takes the responsibility as the RTO, this dramatically reduces the overheads and resources an individual club is required to have in order to deliver this nationally accredited training.

Only members of an affiliated club are able to access the discounted training offered by 4WDQld’s Training RTO. The courses are provided from the association though the clubs to its members at the most affordable price. Basic driver training courses are run over a two day period, usually on a weekend. So if you are not already a member, this is another good reason for joining an affiliated club.

4WDQld Training and its Coordinator are at the clubs disposal when scheduling a driver or chainsaw training weekend for their members.

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