Members Benefits

4WD Training

Four Wheel Drive Queenslands, Driver Training Unit is an important part of our organisation. We value the safety of our members along with the environment, therefore driver education is a pillar of our core purpose.

Four Wheel Drive Queensland is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and the driver training courses undertaken are fully accredited. Only qualified and trained staff are involved in the delivery of such courses.

Four Wheel Drive Queensland Training (4WDQld Training) engages qualified club members who provide driver education to members. Through these training courses members can expect to gain more confidence, improve skill levels and competently handle their 4WDs in various terrain conditions.

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The Australian National Four Wheel Drive Council (Four Wheel Drive Australia) has partnered with Arthur J Gallagher Insurance Brokers to establish an insurance program aimed at providing products and services for affiliated clubs and their members. The Four Wheel Drive Association Queensland (4WD Qld) uses this insurance program to cover the activities of the State Association, our member Clubs and their membership.

Four Wheel Drive Australia, Four Wheel Drive Queensland and the individual members club, all receive a small commission on select insurance products. These payments help support the activities of the members club and the Association. Members can assist by nominating their club on applicable insurance policies.

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Through the C.A.R.E. program, the Four Wheel Drive Association QLD is able to provide privileged access to public and private lands on behalf of members. Underpinning the trust that provides access to Queensland’s most natural and beautiful areas, is the Associations Code of Conduct – Off Road. Through recognition of responsible 4×4 driving, club members can develop important relationships with local rangers and managers, providing benefits and memories money simply cant buy.

Conservation: Through wise and responsible 4×4 driving, 4WD QLD aims to ensure the natural assets, which we all enjoy, is preserved, protected and managed appropriately.

Access: Key relationships with public and private land owners such as the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing (NPRSR), HQ Plantation QLD and State Government provides unequal authorised access to affiliated 4WD Club and Members.

Recreation: Having fun, making friends and enjoying all of the great outdoor activities in the states most precious places is just one benefit 4WD QLD aims to deliver members. Whilst 4WD trips and touring is at the heart of recreational four wheel driving so is camping, fishing, navigating and exploring. Why sleep under five stars if you can sleep under 5,000!

Environment: Preserving the environment for the next generation to enjoy and explore is always front of mind for 4WD QLD. Through active community events and participation we aim to protect the environment and wildlife through responsible camping, Code of Conduct – Camping, and organised activities such as; the Fraser Island Clean Up, Adopt-a-Track, Eyes and Ears and general community clean ups.

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Club Resources

The Four Wheel Drive Association Queensland recognises the importance of supporting all 4WD Clubs across Queensland. Through the commitment of our members, many valuable and informative club resources have been produced for the benefit of members and club. Such resources include;

  • 4WD How to Guides
  • Trip Guides
  • Risk Assessments
  • Role Descriptions

The Four Wheel Drive Association encourages everyone to use these resources as well as developing new collateral that can be shared by the Association.

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