Save up to 25% with Club 4x4 for Insurance on your car, Caravan or Camper Trailer. 


Does your current insurer understand you like we do?

  • Off-road Recovery

    As part of your policy you have up to $1,500 coverage towards the cost of recovering your vehicle. Larger coverage amounts available*
    Click here for case studies of how it works.

  • Australia wide coverage for your touring gear

    As part of your policy you have up to $2,000 coverage for accidental loss or damage to your personal effects – anywhere in Australia, even if it’s not in your car at the time! Larger coverage amounts available*

  • Coverage anywhere in Australia

    That’s right we’ve said it – anywhere!*

  • Full coverage for your accessories and modifications

    We understand what it takes to go touring.

  • Vehicle hire cover

    Does your insurer know the cost to rent a 4X4? Club 4X4 offers up to $180 a day for 21 days if your vehicle is stolen. Additional coverage for accident coverage available*

  • Essential repairs

    We understand that your vehicle might cost more to get driveable in an emergency which is why we cover up to $1000 in emergency repairs to keep you going*

  • Club member discount

           5% off your policy as a 4wd Qld Affiliated Club member

  • Multi policy discount

    Combine two or more policies with us and get a discount of up to 10%

  • Free access to the MR 4x4 App

    When you join Club 4X4, you will receive free access to Pat Callinan’s MR 4x4 App!

  • A discount of up to 10% for completing recognised 4X4 or towing training

    Save up to 10% on your policy by completing recognised 4WD training, and up to 10% on your caravan or camper policy by completing recognised towing training!

  • To see the discount code needed to get access to this special deal, visit our members only discount page



ARMA (Australian Recreational Motorists Association) has partnered with Marsh insurance brokers to provide an insurance program aimed at providing products and services for affiliated clubs. The Four Wheel Drive Association Queensland (4WD Qld) uses this insurance programme to cover the activities of the State Association, our member clubs and their members.

ARMA requires the conduct of risk assessments in order to identify and appropriately manage risks associated with four wheel driving activities.

Four Wheel Drive Queensland does not hold a Financial Services license, hence cannot endorse any specific insurance product.

The insurance ARMA offers consists of several types of cover. These include:

All Liability:

  • Public and Products Liability
  • Professional indemnity
  • Management Liability

Voluntary Workers (personal accident)

The list of activities covered include:

  • Four-wheel driving and club related activities.
  • Activities include meetings and workshops at national, state and club levels;
  • club day trips and outings, extended trips and tours;
  • static promotional displays and swap meets;
  • fund raising activities (barbecues, social activities, car boot sales and the like);
  • volunteering activities, community assistance events and land manager volunteer working bees (Clean ups, track clearing and repairs, fence mending, signage installation, track classification work, weed removal);
  • bushwalks and walking tours;
  • 4WD vehicle operation and recovery technique demonstrations;
  • nationally-recognised training (including driving, vehicle recovery, winching, chainsaw maintenance and use, first aid, etc – delivered by paid and unpaid (volunteer) trainers);
  • camping and campfire cooking, non-timed gymkhanas and navigation trials;
  • the use of non-powered watercraft;
  • in-club training (including driving, vehicle recovery techniques, camping, using tools and equipment, etc);

and any other 4WD associated activities the insured may participate in from time to time.