Fraser Island (K’gari) Clean Up 2019

12th May 2021

Four Wheel Drive Queensland with support from the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science held the 19th Four Wheel Drive Queensland Fraser Island (K’gari) Clean Up on the 10th – 13th  of May 2019.

This year’s event had a total of 24 Four Wheel Drive Queensland affiliated clubs in attendance, 326 vehicles with a total of 754 volunteers, 599 adults and 155 children.


Over the course of 12 months prior to the event the 4WD QLD Fraser Island Clean Up sub committee which consisted of 11 volunteer members worked around the clock to deliver yet again another successful Fraser Island Clean Up. 

This year we continued to improve the event experience and implemented several changes in improving communication and to manage risk associated with the event. Some of the changes included:

  • Developed and implemented a new website 
  • Developed and issued an event information guide which included all information relating to the event
  • Implemented mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements
  • Supply of sharps kits including training in sharps removal of all club trip leaders
  • Partnered with Fraser Coast Regional Council who supplied and arranged disposal of 3 x 15m3 skip bins for event waste collected 
  • Purchased reusable waste collection bags, general waste and recycling bags
  • Commenced transitioning to a plastic free event
This year volunteers cleaned 125km of the eastern beach, dunes and camp zones from Hook Point barge landing to Ngkala Rocks. This year at last minute due to unforeseen circumstances Ocean Crusaders did not attend this year’s event where Four Wheel Drive Queensland with the support of Tangaroa Blue continued to conduct a partial audit of the waste collected including capturing the total number of bags and the weight where this data is being recorded into the Australia Marine Debris Initiative database. This year a total of 1,259 bags of waste was collected weighing a total of 7,059kg which was 85kg more waste collected than what was collected in 2018. We removed the use of plastic bags for the purpose of waste collection and implemented the use of reusable biodegradable bags made from sugar cane as we commence transitioning to a plastic free event. Please refer to appendix A which details the detailed waste collected data.
40 volunteers were assigned the task of conducting weeding activities at Yidney Rocks and Burad Camp Zone. Unfortunately at last minute the weeding activity was cancelled without reason. We were notified of the cancellation on Thursday 9th of May, one day prior to the event which was challenging to communicate the changes to affected volunteers as many volunteers had already commenced making their way to K’gari or they were already on the Island along with the sub committee who had commenced event preparations. 

We implemented mandatory PPE for all volunteers this year along with sharps kits issued and training to club trip leaders. This year a total of 4 syringes were located which were safety removed. This year we are pleased to report that we did not have any accidents / injuries sustained during the clean up activities.

The event saw the Butchulla Aboriginal Corporation (BAC) provide a Welcome to Country at Yidney Rocks which allowed an opportunity for volunteers to learn more about the culture and history. QPWS provided a wealth of knowledge and information to volunteers at the event check in, thank you evening and across the event weekend. Volunteers and their families thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the Rangers and the interactive display which the children loved! Four Wheel Drive Queensland would like to continue to build our working relationships with Fraser Coast Regional Council, BAC and QPWS Rangers on K’gari to assist in track building and maintenance related activities across the Word Heritage Island.
This year’s Four Wheel Drive Queensland Fraser Island (K’gari) Clean Up was a resounding success. Four Wheel Drive Queensland would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved at QPWS for their hard work and dedication to ensuring the success of the Four Wheel Drive Queensland Fraser Island (K’gari) Clean Up and the committee looks forward to continuing to work with QPWS into the future.

Detailed waste collected data

Plastic Items

(partial audit)
Consumer Items Cigarette butts & filters 1,495  826
  Cigarette lighters 262  741
  Pens, markers & other plastic stationery 131  4,913
  Straws, confection sticks, cups, plates & cutlery 393 4,637 
  Toothbrushes, brushes & combs, hair ties 498  1,697
  Toys, party poppers, ribbons, clips & similar 891  2,397
Packaging Items Bleach & cleaner bottles 78  2,272
  Lids & tops, pump spray, flow restrictor & similar 25,101  43,701
  Person care & pharmaceutical packaging 288 1,662 
  Plastic bags supermarket, garbage, ice 1,075  2,175
  Plastic containers non food (oil, sealant, chemical) 2,806 1,977 
  Plastic drink bottles (water, juice, milk, soft drinks) 13,927  6,442
  Plastic packaging food (wrap, packets, containers) 9,337  4,898
  Plastic wrap non food (bubble wrap) 314  1,362
  Strapping band scraps 603  2,223
  Strapping band whole  577 230 
Fishing Items Bait & tackle bags & packaging 288  605
  Bait containers & lids, bait savers 236  533
  Commercial fishing remnants (float, pot, crate bits) 9,547  844
  Cyalume glow sticks 498  1,835
  Fishing line in metres (recreational) 393m  2,368m
  Recreational fishing items (lures, floats, rods, reels) 157 946 
  Rope & net scraps less than 1 metre 157  4,892
  Rope (estimate length in metres) 10,049m  1,434m
Remnants Plastic bits & pieces hard & solid 40,471  131,350
  Plastic film remnants (bits of plastic bag, wrap etc) 3,934  20,674
  Remnants burnt plastic 183  617

Foamed Plastic (polystyrene) Items

  2019 2018
Foam buoys 157  154
Foam cups, food packs & trays 1,049  1,668
Foam insulation & packaging (whole & remnants) 4,249  9,596

Other Materials

  2019 2018
Oil globules & tar-balls 0 0
Sanitary (tissues, nappies, condoms, cotton buds) 131  1,534
Shoes leather & fabric 472  73

Glass & Ceramic Items

  2019 2018
Fluorescent light tubes and bulbs 419  160
Glass beer stubbies & pre mixed alcohol bottles 1,127  1,468
Glass jars & sauce bottles 209  414
Glass or ceramic broken 367  4,211
Glass wine, spirit and similar bottles 393  577

Cloth Items

  2019 2018
Binding, thread, string & cord natural 0  224
Cloth, clothing, hats & towels 0  562

Metal Items

  2019 2018
Aerosol cans 104  235
Aluminium cans 1,993  2,471
Foil wrappers, packets, bladders & alfoil 52  4,382
Metal bottle caps, lids and pull tabs 78  2,182
Metal fishing items (sinkers, lures, hooks, traps, pots) 26  139
Tins under 4 litres (food, drink tins and similar) 0  733

Paper & Cardboard Items

  2019 2018
Newspaper, magazines & brochures 183  158
Paper & cardboard packaging 6,793 1,487 
Tetra packs & drink cartons 26  848

Rubber Items

  2019 2018
Rubber balloons, balls & toys, elastic straps & bands 236 1,073 
Rubber footwear & thongs 839  1,169
Rubber remnants 157  696

Wood Items

  2019 2018
Brooms, brushes & paint brushes 26  69
Processed timber, pallets & other wood 314 244 
Wooden confection sticks, pencils, matches etc 0  173

Unusual Items Found

Office laser toner cartridge
Used shotgun cartridge
Roof racks
Car body
Satellite tracker for a fishing net
Concrete block
Used fireworks approx. 4kg




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