Corroboree 2024 Woodford

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Woodford is on the D'Agular Highway 73.4 kilometres  by road north-north-west of Brisbane and 24.3 kilometres north-west of Caboolture

In 1841 the Archer brothers established Durundur Station along the Stanley near where Woodford now stands.

The town was positioned on a hill closer to the Stanley River than the present day town. When the introduction of a regular mail service required the town to have an official name a meeting was called and McConnel was decided on in honour of the senior partner of Durundur Station - but the Postmaster General would not accept that name. Therefore, another meeting was called and those present called it Woodford in honour of the junior partner, Henry Conwell Wood, and in recognition of the importance to the community of the ford across the river.

Timber cutting was the town's main industry. Most of the timber sourced from the area was sent to a sawmill in Caboolture.


The 4WD Queensland Corroboree is held annually over a long weekend and is open to all Four Wheel Drive Queensland Association affiliated clubs and their members. It is an opportunity for all member clubs to come together to attend the Association Country meeting with reports on their activities for the year and to discuss relevant issues to all clubs.

The Corroboree is about exchanging ideas as clubs come together to enjoy trips of a regional area, with a mix of easy to medium and hard trips, lasting no longer than 4 to 5 hours at a time. Over the weekend there are many other activities including entertainment, local attractions, raffle draws and more.

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