Four Wheel Drive Queensland Clubs

Find a Club

Find a 4WD Club who are members of Four Wheel Drive Association Queensland. Finding a member club ensures you and your friends are covered by Public Liability Insurance and have access to the benefits of belonging to the Four Wheel Drive Association QLD including:

  • Accredited discounted Four Wheel Drive Training
  • Public Liability Insurance Cover
  • Supporting an Advocacy Agenda and providing a voice to Government and landowners through our CARE program.
  • Creating submissions and lobbying Government on vehicle modifications and other topics related to four wheel driving.
  • Knowledge sharing across topics such as; four wheel driving, vehicle parts and modifications as well as great places to camp and visit.
  • Participate in large community events such as the Fraser Island Clean Up and more


Start a Club

Do you have a group of like-minded friends who are interested in starting a 4WD Club? Perhaps you are member of an online group and want to gain privileged access to tracks and areas. Or maybe you are looking for training – both basic and advanced?

This page will help you form a club, and become affiliated with the Four-Wheel Drive QLD Association.

Step 1 – Contact us for guidance and assistance

Feel free to contact the CEO, Michael Elliott, at for help with the process.

Step 2 – Set up an Incorporated Association

The first step in the process of becoming a formal club is setting out your basic structure and methods of operation in writing. The product of this process is called a constitution.

In Queensland, all non-for-profit sport and recreational clubs (4wd clubs fall under this banner) need to incorporate under the Associations and Incorporation Act of 1981.

Assistance from the Queensland Government Department of Fair Trading to do so is here:

Step 3 – Affiliation with Four Wheel Drive Association QLD

You will need to complete an affiliation request form (download here). Please submit this along with a copy of your constitution and certificate of association to the Four Wheel Drive Association QLD. This can be done via email at or via post at: PO Box 174, Brisbane Markets QLD 4106.

Your application will need to be accompanied by the prescribed fee of $30.00 per member. Membership of the association is renewed in June each year. Please send your payment via EFT or cheque.

Step 4 – Public Liability Insurance

This is supplied by 4wd Qld once your application to join is processed and you have paid your affiliation fees (which is determined by the number of family memberships you start with).