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Our Purpose & Commitment to Members

The Four Wheel Drive Association Queensland is the peak body representing the common interests of four wheel drive owners and club members across Queensland. We recognise the passion our members have across many great outdoor activities, therefore we strive to build strong and supportive communities for like-minded people across our great State.

We engage with Government to lobby our advocacy agenda particularly on topics such as track access and vehicle modifications. We deliver four wheel drive training and education to ensure safety and knowledge sharing is always front of mind. Supporting our 4WD member clubs is important to our success.

We provide this through good governance, good systems, financial health, communication and the commitment of our people. By doing so, we seek to offer the most relevant products and services to our members at the most affordable price.

Management Committee - Who are we?

The Four Wheel Drive Association Queensland management team is made up of ten positions being; four Executive Members and six Ordinary Committee Members.

Our 2015 team consists of:


Shane Rose, Brisbane 4WD Club

Shane has been involved with 4WD Clubs for over 28 years. Originally from the Hunter Valley Shane was the President of the Hunter Regional 4WD Council for several years. Shane has served in the role of Vice President and Secretary of 4WD QLD previously.

Shane brings his experience in the industry and also as a business owner to the Association.

Email:               president@4wdqld.com.au
Phone: (07) 3277 6071

Vice President

Anton Neilsen, Brisbane 4WD Club

Anton is an active 4WDer within his club. This is his second term servicing the Association.


Email:               vicepresident@4wdqld.com.au
Phone: (07) 3277 6071


Bianca Macdonald


Email:               info@4wdqld.com.au
Phone: (07) 3277 6071


Tracey Brettle, Brisbane 4WD Club.

Email:               treasurer@4wdqld.com.au
Phone: (07) 3277 6071

Committee Member – ICT Sub Committee Chair

Miles Brennan, Moreton Districts 4WD Club & JeepFreakz QLD

Miles is an experienced 4WDer and lobbyist for 4WDers rights. This is Miles second term in the role of ICT and PR.

Miles brings a wealth of knowledge to the association relating to vehicle modification rules in QLD.

Email:               miles.brennan@4wdqld.com.au
Mobile: 0434 947 917

Committee Member – Training & Insurance Co-ordinator

Tony Collins, Bayside Offroaders

Tony is an experienced 4wder and tourer with over 40 years of exploration under his belt. This is Tony’s first term on the Association however has been active for many years within his own club.

Tony brings his experience as an engineer and trainer to the Association.

Email:               training@4wdqld.com.au
Phone: (07) 3277 6071

Committee Member – Hall Co-ordinator

Ash Rogan, Nissan Patrol Club

Ash is an active 4WDer within his club. While this is his first term on the Association he has always been one of the first to volunteer to assist when needed.

Email:               hall@4wdqld.com.au
Phone: (07) 3277 6071

Committee Member – CARE Sub Committee Chair

Charlene Brown, Queensland 4×4 Club & North Brisbane 4WD Club

Charlene is an active 4WDer within her clubs and is a committee member for FICU.


Email:               care@4wdqld.com.au
Phone: (07) 3277 6071

Committee Member

David Duncan, Brisbane 4WD Club

Phone: (07) 3277 6071

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Contact us

Please call 07 3277 6071 or email us directly at info@4wdqld.com.au